Tuesday, June 5, 2012

JJ is a Monkey

My son is now 3 years old and he is something else. We will tell him he is a Silly Goose and he will tell us:

"No, I'm a monkey, ohohahah"

Gotta love this kid.


JJ cracks me up he says "Listen" all the time but he sounds like the fairy on Zelda. You know when she is trying to get Link's attention and she says Listen. Yeah J sounds just like that LOL


The other day JJ is was in the dining room eating his dinner and I am in the living room on the phone I hear him saying "I'm a super HEROOOOOOOOOO, SUPER HERO!!" he kept repeating it like 3 times and then he says "AMEN" LOL so cute, oh how I love that 3 yr old son of mine :)


JJ is going around singing Gotta get that Boom Boom Pow, Gotta get that Boom Boom Pow. LOL. You can't tell his mommy is a Black Eyed Peas fan. Haha instead of "The chicks jocken' my style" JJ says "Chicken Nuggets, gotta get that boom boom boom" ROFL

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No David

JJ got this book for Christmas it is called NO David!! He loves it!! We have read it so many times since he got it and he is so good because he says back to me what I am saying when I read it to him. He also points out and says what things are in the picture.

Now when he does something he knows he shouldn't do he says "NO DAVID"

There is also a picture of David running naked down the street (I can so see JJ doing this) and when we get the that page JJ is always pointing and saying JJ's butt.

My kid cracks me up.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink Milk

I am a stay at home business owner mom, of now 3. I have added my 12 year old nephew to our mix. So during the day it is just my 30 month old son and I. I attempt to keep my house clean, most days it is not clean because I cannot do anything at all when my 30 month  old is awake. I swear I can be working my through, get an area clean, go the next, and turn around and the area that I just clean is no longer clean.
Today I was working in the dining room to get it clean. See I started a Tupperware business and I am trying to get partied booked and get some money coming in. So to help me get my business off the ground I am going to do cooking demos in my home, so I have scheduled one for tomorrow night, so I am getting the dining room cleaned and organized.

The 1st thing to happen was, JJ comes in the dining room holding the potato masher and says "Look, I'm cooking!" all excited and proud. So I am thinking OK he is mixing the spaghetti sauce that I had on the stove, with the potato masher. So a couple minutes later I walk in the kitchen and JJ is in the living room back towards me, I see aluminum foil, that my bacon was wrapped in on the kitchen floor. JJ must have heard me and turns around, there in the living room floor was a pot and beside the pot was the ketchup, open, and in JJ's hand the potato masher with ketchup on it. I walk closer, look in the pot and yes...........there it was, my bacon, covered in ketchup. And again he says, "I'm cooking."

**I did manage to save the bacon, a little water washed the ketchup right off and I wrapped it in a new piece of foil and put it back in the fridge.

Fast forward to about 15 mins later, after cleaning up the mess, I went back to cleaning the dining room (well more like getting all my Tupperware Stuff cleaned up that my cats so lovingly decided would look so much better on the floor). I go to check on JJ whom I heard in our computer/laundry room and he was in my chair with his daddy's helicopter and my big box of pencils. And in his daddy's chair was some of daddy's spray cans with no tops, not even the spray part. So I sent him in the living room to wait for his lunch. I opened the fridge and my milk (a little over a half gallon) is not in there. Wait, what?!? Where the heck is my milk. "JJ, what did you do with the milk?"

Then I see it........................

In the living room............................

The milk......................................

Is now......................................



"JJ, why is the milk pink?"

I go to get it and realize that he has decided that it needed some color, so he put my nephews crayons and markers in the milk!!

So I am dumping out and the markers and crayons are coming out and I notice the red one has no top and that is how we got pink milk.

I cannot possibly clean the house while the 30 month old is awake, because I need my eye on him all the time or I may just end up with more pink milk.

Gotta love it :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

JJ's potty humor

Now that JJ is 2 and he is showing signs that he could be ready to potty train, we are working on it. With some humor along the way it is interesting.

So far it is not going so well. He will sit on the potty a total of, oh i don't know, 2 seconds (granted the boy NEVER and I mean NEVER stays still when he is awake).

So last night he takes his diaper off, goes in the bathroom and gets his potty chair. He brings it in the bedroom and sits it down, he goes back to the bathroom and gets the toilet paper and his toothbrush. He comes back in the bedroom, pulls a small piece of toilet paper off the roll, sits on the potty. Then with one hand he starts wiping his butt and with the other hand is brushing his teeth.

At least I can say I have a multi tasked kid on my hands :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life with my kids

Life with my kids enjoyable, educational, funny, crazy, wild, silly, loud ...................................

Makes me wanna pull my hair out at times and scream "I'm running away"...........................

But it is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and laughter.

Does it get any better than that?

So my 8 yr old daughter, whom I can tolerate her screaming because it is not loud, has taught my 22 month old how to scream, his I could do without. See since he has learned to scream, he does it ALL THE TIME!!! Not only does he do a standard scream, he changes it up and screams in different ways, we have the high pitched squeal, your standard scream, the on and off scream, and the yelling.
*I think I need some ear plugs!!!*

My 21 month old, likes to get into EVERYTHING, which is normal for this age. But when I tell him no, he walks away, puts his hands behind his back, looks at me with his gorgeous eyes, smiles with his adorable smile and dimples and slowly backs up to what I told him not to mess with and messes with it, Like I can't see him!!

I am almost 35 years old and most people do not believe I am that old, because I look young, which makes me feel really good. My daughter however likes to tell me I look old. well Gee thanks, I love you too.

My son is starting to talk a lot now, which is great. He has the cutest voice, but all day I hear: Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty, Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy, and Harley Harley Harley. Um seriously do I not exist because my name sure don't come up.

My son like I mentions earlier gets into everything, he always gets stuff that I 'think' is out of his reach, like.........................................markets................................
yes markets, so he will come to me with his artwork, that is always ON HIS FACE. I have to say, he draws a mean mustache on himself and they never look the same :)

My son is really sweet though and a few weeks ago he let a stray cat into the house, she has become a permanent member since, as my son puts it "My Kitty Kitty". He named her Kitty, probably because that is what he can say and he knows she is a cat. She is really sweet and she was around 8 weeks when she strolled into our house because my son let her in. He tries to communicate with her, he greets her every time he sees her with "Hi Kitty Kitty," and he follows her around holding a conversation. It is normally him talking and Kitty with throw in a meow every now and then. But really I do not mind the cat, as long as he does not start letting bugs, reptiles, and rodents in, we will be good.

I am truly blessed to have my kids and sometimes life can get crazy but I love them and would not change any of it. I just wish they would stay little longer so I had more time to enjoy it.

I am realizing it is going to fast because my daughter will be 9 in June and she is now at the age where she says "Mom I am to old for that," yet she is not old enough for the next stage so it is hard to buy for her. It just seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital giving birth to her at 24 weeks. I wish she was still little. I have my trails with her, everything with her has to be a fight, I just want my sweet little girl back that didn't want to argue about everything.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The cat did it

So this morning I was trying to watch a show that I had on my DVR and JJ kept turning the tv off, I had told him it is not a game and that the next time he turned the tv off he was going to be punished.

So about 5 mins later we watch him creep over to the tv and hits the lite up button (power) and off it goes, so I said

"Jeffrey Stuart M****** Jr, what did I tell you? You are in trouble mister."

He runs over to me and climbs up on the box next to the couch and says:

"The cat did it!"

Seriously, Jeff and I lost composure and I could not for one second punish him for it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So yesterday JJ pulled out of picture of me from when I was in high school, it was in 1994 and I was 18. Well Harleyann picked it up and says who is this and Jeff said it was me. To which Harleyann replied

"You look funny, what are you in your 80's!"

She meant to ask if it was in the 80's. I told her it was in 1994 and that I was 18. Now every time she looks at the picture she says I look funny and laughs.

Seriously it is a really good picture and I do not look funny.

Silly girl.